Are we a now a generation of mother-less bastards?

It has been theorized that human response to music is rooted in an affinity we develop towards our mother's heartbeats during early infancy. Does much modern dance music, with its pounding beats, not resemble the rhythms of our mother's hearts?

Could this be the reason we retreat to the darkness of the city night clubs and raves? Do we feel that we lack the intimacy of our earth-bound mothers? Does a 125 BPM heart not soothe our loneliness and bring us closer to the bosom of our collective mother? Does the dark and warm dancefloor, pulsating with the rhythms of an amplified heart, not resemble the womb from which we were all violently expelled from at birth? Does this yearning for our mother and return to the womb mean we refuse to "grow up?"

How Freudian. No?

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