A series of action adventure novels (over 100 volumes) created in 1971 by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir. After Sapir's death in the 1980's, various ghost writers took over much of the writing. The series has been published by Pinnacle, Signet and Gold Eagle.

The stories are centered on the characters of Remo Williams and his teacher, Chiun, as they work with Dr. Harold W. Smith for a secret United States government organization called CURE. Chiun is the reigning Master of Sinanju, the world's deadliest assassin, hired by CURE to train Remo in Sinanju, the sun source of the martial arts. Remo is a former police officer from Newark, New Jersey, framed for a murder and put through a faked execution to erase his identity. Smith was recruited from the CIA by "a long-dead President", presumably JFK, because of his high level of patriotism and deep sense of duty.

The books have a large component of satire, targeted at famous people and institutions. Presidents, Senators, television news reporters, talk show hosts, mafia dons, soap operas, motion pictures and various other groups have been caricatured. Over the years, some authors have explored satire more successfully than others. Without satire and its attendant humor, the books lose their unique style and become mediocre crime novels, often overly violent with inane supporting characters and tired plots.

Another important aspect of the series is the relationship between Remo and Chiun. From reluctant student and despairing instructor, Remo and the Master overcome cultural and personal barriers as they grow to love and respect one another. Eventually, Chiun recognizes Remo as his adoptive son (overlooking the unfortunate paleness of his skin) and Remo names his teacher "Little Father".

In each volume, Remo, Chiun and Smith must save the country (sometimes the world) from the schemes of the bad guys. Usually there is some detective work involved in identifying and locating the threat, followed by swift and creative death at the hands of our heroes. Some particularly tough villians have made repeat appearances, such as Nuihc, Mr.Gordons and Friend.

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