The governing entity to which fifty independant states are connected. Founded in the late 1770's on ideological principles such as Freedom, Idependance, and Liberty. It functions on representitve democracy and devides into two major voting parties, the Republican and the Democratic parties.

The government inself is comprised of three major branches. The Executive Branch is made up of the President of the United States and his undersecretarys. The Legeslative Branch is comprised of two voting and law making bodies; the two houses of Congress. The Senate or upper house, and the House of Representatives or lower house. The Congress is also made up of various sub-commites and offices. The Final branch is the Judical Branch which is essentialy the U.S. Supreme Court which interprets and enforces the laws passed by Congress. All three branches are interconnected within a system of checks and balances to prevent one branch from having more actual power than another.

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