I have usually compared the government to a big computer program. We all know that the government is really not equipped to produce anything more than the status quo. Now imagine if a computer program that was designed with many functions(each government office). Now imagine that the only people that are working on this program are lazy programmers(legislators, president, etc.) and their boss(the people that vote them into office). The boss doesn't care how they get something done as long as they just do it. The programmers themselves would probably think that instead of going through the whole source code to change the current structure of the program for this new feature, it would be cheaper and faster to just create a new function and insert it in the code where it needs to be and forget about it. That's how the government works. Now if you keep doing this numerous times, the code grows bigger, grows more dependent on each program, and grows even more inefficient because of too many functions in this program. And even though several functions many not be needed anymore because a new function does the same thing, you can't take it out because it would require a complete redo of the program so they leave it in there. And so because of this procedure, you get the current government and Windows 98(sorry couldn't resist).

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