Executions in the Chinese Judicial System are carried out in batches. The condemned are brought to a place of execution, perfunctory rites are performed, a blindfold is affixed on them and the condemned are then made to kneel and are then unceremonioulsy shot at the base of the skull with a pistol by the executioner who stands behind them. This is done in batches of five until all the condemned are executed. There is one executioner per condemned prisoner.

Those just executed will be then hurriedly brought to a room where a doctor will immediately operate and take out any and all vital organs that can be transplanted and will then be sold as organ transplant parts. The proceeds go to the Chinese Government.

The relatives of the condemned only find out of the demise of their relative after the fact and are not given a choice if their relative is to participate in the Chinese Government Organ Transplant Program*.

* - Note that there is no official government organ transplant program by that name.

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