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Norinco is the China North industries Corporation. One of the better known chinese mega conglomerates that produce everything from soup to nuts.

Of special interest to me are their faithful clones of the 1911 pistol which because of chinese manufacturing techniques can be had for a very reasonable price of an average of US $300. While certainly on the lower end of the price scale for this pistol design, the Norinco model of the 1911 as they call it is a very well made clone of the original and in fact is even accepted by one of the best 1911 gunsmiths, Bill Wilson, for custom work.

Their other products include forklifts, tractors, and defense equipment.

Another interesting point to note is that most of the chinese style executions that take place in China are done using a Norinco model of the 1911 Government model pistol.

The norinco pistols have been banned for import to the USA by that lying and cheating president USA once had, slick willie since 1998.

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