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"One man. One taxi. The Sydney Olympic Games.
Buckle up for the ride of your life."

Subtitled, You talkin' to me?, The Diary Of An Olympic Cabbie is Anthony Sharwood's first published work. The book details one man's misadventures as a taxi driver in the 8 weeks leading up to the Olympic Games of 2000.

Sharwood is a Sydney-based writer who, through some ill-conceived notions of excitement and financial gain, began driving a taxi barely one month before the opening ceremony on September 15.
Apart from providing a unique view of the Sydney Olympics, this diary gives an insight into the darker side of driving a cab. No, there are no De-Niro-esque scenes here. No packing heat while on shift. No cleaning cum and blood off the back seat. No young nymphs dressed in togas. Oh wait... actually some nymphs do make an appearance.

Eitherway, The Diary Of An Olympic Cabbie is an easy read, although perhaps a bit short. Great for killing a few minutes here and there.

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