The vernacular term for semen: a mix of sperm and other ejaculatory liquids. Can also be applied as vernacular to orgasms or female lubrication.

This is what most programming companies use for their development stream. For example a directory like "//dev_nocomply/cum" is my Cumulative directory. It is where all my code that i change goes so that it can be merged with the main devolpment stream.

Surely you must know SOMETHING! A call to arms!
Latin: with.

Usage: Quintus canem suum cum uxori sui lavorat

Granted, this isn't as exciting as any of the above writeups, but the usage of "cum" you are most likely to encounter in legitimate speech is actually an extension of the Latin usage into English.

"Cum" is used now to denote a dual function or usage for some noun, as in:

Jerry walked into his garage-cum-studio.

We see our protagonist Jerry walking into a place which is used as both a garage and a studio (for his post-punk noise band, The New Banana, if you must know). You get the idea.

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