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My new mission drive is to node rock climbing into everything because it is amazingly lacking in this area.
Sport climbing, trad climbing, bouldering, CLIMBING
Boston University
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June 1, 2002
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Don't ever regret anything. Regret gives you nothing but personal pain and internal heartache that you don't deserve. Instead, take that experience and learn from it. Find the lesson you missed the first time, but never regret it. Ever.

I am Matt.
I am an E2 addict.
I live in Massachusetts.
I am a computer programmer.
I skateboard.
I like to dance.
I don't do drugs.
I don't believe in god.
I am not thrilled with the beach.
I like many types of music such as punk, techno, and tribal.
I go to Boston University.
I like to read.
I have worn a do rag.
I have an email adress

I was eaten by EDB "EDB has swallowed no comply no comply is good food!"
I saw EBD east himself "EDB has swallowed EDB Mmmm..."