Atari 5200 Game
Produced by: Activision
Model Number: FZ-005
Rarity: 3 Scarce
Year of Release: 1983

This Atari 5200 game is a space pilot simulation. Played from a perspective of inside the ship, (you control a crosshair). The purpose of this game is to take out these huge spaceships called Dreadnaughts, (using only your small fighter). Imagine an X-Wing taking on a Star Destroyer, that’s exactly what this game is like. The graphics are of early NES quality, (not to bad, not to good). This game would have been excellent if it was on a more powerful system, (sadly it wasn't).

No one seems to like this game at all, the gameplay is boring, the control system is lousy and your hands will be hurting after less than a minute of playing. But you can't play it anyway, all the Atari 5200 joysticks broke over twenty years ago.

From the instruction manual:
“Dreadnaughts dwarf stars. They are huge. They are rude, intruding where they are least wanted. Dreadnaughts can destroy fillets, planets, solar systems and entire galaxies.

Your mission ends when you destroy the entire Dreadnaught convoy, when any Dreadnaught reaches the Stargate with at least one missile silo intact, or when all Novary Hyperfighters have been destroyed.”
Erik Nickell and Tom Loughry were the programmers on this title. Neither one of them were ever allowed to program another game again.

This game is valued at around $5 USD. Games with boxes and manuals are worth more. I have no idea why anyone would ever want to collect Atari 5200 games. They had defective controllers, the system had no big hits, and there is almost no nostalgia value associated with the system. Spend your money on a Vectrex or a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater or something that you might actually enjoy.

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