Llyfyr Taliesin XLIV
Marwnad Owain ab Urien
The Elegy of Owain son of Urien

God, consider the soul's need
Of Owain, son of Urien!
Rheged's prince, secret in loam;
No shallow work to praise him!

A strait grave, a man much praised
His whetted spear the wings of dawn:
That lord of bright Llwyfenydd,
What is his pear?

Reaper of enemies; strong of grip;
One kind with his father;
Owain, to slay Fflamddwyn,
Though it no more than sleep.

Sleepeth the wide host of England
With light in their eyes,
And those that had not fled
Were braver than were wise.

Owain dealt them doom
As the wolves devour sheep;
That warrior, bright of harness,
Gave stallions for the bard.

Though he hoarded wealth like a miser,
For his soul's sake he gave it
God, consider the soul's need
Of Owain, son of Urien.

Owain is the Yvain of Arthurian legend. A historical prince, he was the son of King Urien of Rheged, and a fierce warrior against the Saxons. It is believed that the historical Taliesin was the court bard to Urien, and tutor to Owain ap Urien.

This is considered one of the truly historical poems that can be attributed to the real Taliesin.

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