I’ve been covered by a blood streaked night sky that tears have bleached tears of my fiancé, family, and friends. In an hour glass my life was burried by sand. Now my ticket to this carnival of souls is burned. I’m at the front of the line. My memories are gone; mutilated and massacred by the narcissistic players of a chess game. In a chess game to where I and my unit are the game pieces. The players saw us as stone. Nature’s forever grown. All we had were each other. We’d advance without the choice of going back. It’s only a matter of time till someone I knew joins this zoo.
All I can do is what I know. All that I know going back to that hour glass and dodge the sand that buried my body and imprisoned my soul. All I can do is stand up, stay unforgotten, and keep fighting. In this hour glass it’s not what you have that keeps you alive. In these bulletproof glass walls, it’s who holds you up and who you hold up that keeps you alive. It’s a bond, the courage, honor, and commitment. It’s the brotherhood we cherish as Marines.

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