A substance which in impervious to penetration by bullets.

Also a movie starring Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler.

buglix = B = bum

bulletproof adj.

Used of an algorithm or implementation considered extremely robust; lossage-resistant; capable of correctly recovering from any imaginable exception condition -- a rare and valued quality. Implies that the programmer has thought of all possible errors, and added code to protect against each one. Thus, in some cases, this can imply code that is too heavyweight, due to excessive paranoia on the part of the programmer. Syn. armor-plated.

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Bulletproof were a duo from New Zealand who produced drum and bass music. Only one member, Jay, has remained and is still producing music so far using the Bulletproof nickname. He also produces dubstep music.

Bulletproof started producing music around 1994, and still remains passionate about his main musical genre.

In 2007 he started experimenting with dubstep music, releasing an album, "Soundtrack to forever". The album features a selection of of Jay’s solo works and remixes, with collaborations with other music producers from New Zealand, such as Tiki Taane, Boh Runga, Isaac Aesili and Deva Mahal. It combines the genres of drun and bass and dubstep.

Bulletproof is the owner of the label Cyanide Recordings as well.

Examples of music

*Smash Palace

*Visions with Teknik

*110 Degrees

*Hypersleep with Phace and Teknik

External links

*Bulletproof at Myspace

*Bulletproof at Discogs

*Bulletproof at Rolldabeats

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