"The Fish" is the more-or-less official dance of the Florida Marlins. It's set to the refrain of "Trendy" by Reel Big Fish, which goes something like this:

Everybody's doing the Fish
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
As this plays, the fans alternate between the backstroke and breaststroke, shaking their booty in between. There's actually a certain order to the dance, but most people just follow along with what the JumboTron tells them.

The 1997 World Series made The Fish a hit overnight, and virtually every South Floridian was doing it by Game 7. After Wayne Huizenga's post-championship fire sale, however, The Fish disappeared. The Marlins were sucking, and people didn't want to dance for them any more.

On September 13, 2003, after the Marlins soundly thrashed the Atlanta Braves, The Fish returned to Pro Player Stadium, and it was played off and on for the remainder of the season. Thanks to the events of October 15th, it will also be played at the 2003 World Series. Baa-a-a-a-a.

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