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The Fridge is a nightclub in Brixton, a notorious area of central London. It was originaly started in 1981, in a small club at 390 Brixton Lane. It claims to be the first British club to have such innovations as video screens & a chill out lounge. True or not, it is however certain that The Fridge was at the heart of the early 80s New Romantic movement, and booked such acts as The Eurythmics and The Pet Shop Boys before they were well known.

In 1985, as a result of increased popularity, The Fridge moved to it's current location; a converted 1913 cinema on Coldharbour Lane. Since then it has hosted a variety of clubnights, mostly dance music, and more recently mainly hard dance. The most well known of these that are still running are probably Escape from Samsara, Love Muscle and Frantic.

There are several aspects that make The Fridge a very cool club, and certainly my favourite dance music venue in London. Firstly, it's big, as in around 2000 capacity. This means that there are always new people to chat to, and plenty of places to hang out and chill when you're totally strung out on drugs.

Moreover, as a result of being big, the sound system is superb. It's about 40k, and is well enough set up that it has enough bass whilst still haing sufficent midrange and treble that you can hear the synth sections that are esential to most dance music, especialy hard dance. The lighting is also great, and the visuals (big data projectors and slide projectors) and pyros used at some events, are always fun.

Another aspect of The Fridge, is that it is very lax on drugs. Though it gives an image of being tough on drugs, this is primarly for PR with the local police. Searches on entry are rare, and the security staff never care about you smoking dope, taking ecstasy, or doing lines of cocaine or ketamine. Though this means the enviroment is not for some, the fact that everyone is on drugs rather than drunk makes for a very cool crowd, IMHO.

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