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Postridie eius diei Caesar, priusquam se hostes ex terrore ac fuga reciperent, in fines Suessionum, qui proximi Remis erant, exercitum duxit et magno itinere confecto ad oppidum Noviodunum contendit.  Id ex itinere oppugnare conatus, quod vacuum ab densoribus esse audiebat, propter latitudinem fossae murique altitudinem paucis defendentibus expugnare non potuit.  Castris munitis vineas agere quaeque ad oppugnandum usui erant comparare coepit.  Interim omnis ex fuga Suessionum multitudo in oppidum proxima nocte convent.  Celeriter vineis ad oppidum actis, aggere iacto turribusque constitutis magnitudine operum, quae neque viderant ante Galli neque audierant, et celeritate Romanorum permoti legatos ad Caesarem de deditione mittunt et petentibus Remis ut conservarentur impetrant.

The next day, or ever the enemy could recover from their panic and rout, Caesar led the army into the borders of the Suessiones, next the Remi, and making a forced march pressed on to the town of Noviodunum.  He endeavoured to assault it direct from the march,1 hearing that it was undefended; but, by reason of the breadth of its trench and the height of its wall he was not able to take it by storm, though there were few men to defend it.  He entrenched his camp, therefore, and began to move up mantlets and to make ready the appliances needed for assault.  Meanwhile all the host of the Suessiones returned from the rout and concentrated next night in the town.  When the mantlets were speedily moved up to the town, a ramp cast up,2 and towers constructed, the Gauls were prevailed on by the size of the siege-works, which they had not seen nor heard of before, and by the rapidity of the Romans, to send deputies to Caesar to treat of surrender; and upon the Remi interceding for their salvation, they obtained their request.

1See note on ch. 6.
2Or, according to others, "earth was cast," i.e., into the fosse.

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards

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