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An association of seven locally oriented, regionally based, autonomous Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered (GLBT) science fiction clubs across the U.S., with several other clubs in the U.S. and abroad classified as "Friends of the Network," which do not have official affiliate status in the Network.

History of the Network

The Network was formed at the September 1986 WorldCon by members of the Boston Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society. Two years later the Boston group sponsored the very first GLBT science fiction convention, in Provincetown, MA. Named Gaylaxicon, this con has expanded to cover not just science fiction and fantasy, but also horror, anime, comics, etc. Gaylaxicon is not held every year, and the location varies from one to the next depending on which Network affilate is the sponsoring organization. There have been 11 Gaylaxicons since the first, the most recent as of this writeup having been held in 2000 in Arlington, VA.

Mission Statement

Taken directly from the Network's web site (www.gaylactic-network.org)

The Gaylactic Network has the following goals:

  • To promote science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and other related genres (SF/F/H) in all forms, with particular attention to materials of interest to Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered (GLBT) people.
  • To provide forums for GLBT people and their friends to share their interest in SF/F/H.
  • To promote the presence of GLBT elements within SF/F/H and within fandom.
  • To promote SF/F/H within GLBT communities.

The Network also annually presents the Spectrum Awards, inaugurated in 1998, to honor works in science fiction, fantasy and horror that include positive explorations of GLBT characters, themes or issues.

Affiliate Clubs

Friends of the Network


Gaylaxicon '88

Gaylaxicon '90

Gaylaxicon '91

  • Tewksbury, MA
  • Guests of Honor: Samuel R. Delany (author)
    Hannah M.G. Shapero (artist)
  • Attendees: ~245

Gaylaxicon IV ('92)

Gaylaxicon V ('94)

Gaylaxicon VI ('95)

Gaylaxicon VII ('96)

Gaylaxicon Lite ('97)

Gaylaxicon 8 ('98)

Gaylaxicon 1999 - The Tenth Gaylaxicon

Gaylaxicon 2000

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