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Melissa Scott has quickly become a distinctive voice in science fiction and fantasy. She has taken her own life experiences as a lesbian and used them to create great fiction. But while sexual gender/identity plays a prominent role in her work, her writing is accessible to more than the gay and lesbian community.

Many have characterized her novels as cyberpunk or girlpunk, but there is a philosophical/metaphysical depth to her work that is absent in much of what has come to be know as cyberpunk. She has won numerous awards; including Lambda, Tiptree, Campbell, and Hugo awards.

Arkansas born (1960), Melissa graduated from Harvard with an B.A. in history in 1981. She later earned her Ph.D. from Brandeis University. She lives with her sometimes collaborator Lisa A. Barnett.

The Game Beyond (1984)
Five-Twelfths of Heaven (1985)
Silence in Solitude (1986)
A Choice of Destinies (1986)
The Kindly Ones (1987)
The Empress of Earth (1987)
The Armor of Light (1988) with Lisa A. Barnett
Mighty Good Road (1990)
Dreamships (1992)
Burning Bright (1993)
Trouble and Her Friends (1994)
Point of Hopes (1995) with Lisa A. Barnett
Shadow Man (1995)
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Proud Helios (1995)
Night Sky Mine (1996)
Star Trek Voyager: The Garden (1997)
Dreaming Metal (1997)
Conceiving the Heavens: Creating the Science Fiction Novel (1997)
The Shapes of Their Hearts (1998)
The Jazz (2000)
Point of Dreams (2001) with Lisa A. Barnett

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