I opened my eyes to a splitting headache. "Some game, huh?", I said out loud, but received no response. The bed next to me was warm.

Something was wrong. I was usually able to approximately locate her within the apartment by the assortment of sounds accompanying whatever she was doing, but I couldn't hear anything right now. The glowing green digits of the holographic clock were blinking 2106:10:06 WED 0203 in a fashion that usually irritates me.

My reflexes kicked in, and I pulled out the mini-blaster from the drawer, and was at our room's door by the time I had released the safety catch. After ascertaining that the hallway was clear, I got to work at the control panel in the passage.

Three individuals, dining room. One female on the floor, warm, still. I release a breath I did not realize I was holding. She is alive, albeit unconscious. Two males, pacing the room, along with two Curie signatures. Armed. Heavily, looking at the Curie counts. Looked like I was a goner.

Except, they forgot two things. (1) Never attack a geek on his home turf. The overactive imagination ensures that they have rehearsed and prepared for various unusual scenarios in their heads. (2) Never ever attack a geek's girl without taking out the guy first. An angry geek does not lose his cool, he only gets more determined and will hurt you worse. These guys were dead meat.

I got to work on the console, and started getting various necessary items out from my inventory. Stun gun, check. Blaster loaded, check. Both ankle knifes, check. Laser pistol, check. Laser-proof armour, check. Ear-plugs, check. Second pair of ear-plugs for her, check. Electromagnetic handcuffs (previously used for interesting activities...), check. Dark glasses, check. Shiny black overcoat, check. Baby, its show-time!

Phase 1: Incriminating Evidence. I've got them recorded on CCTV, and have set a delay timer to send it to Security-ops, to protect me from prosecution, in event of success, and to get them caught in the unlikely case of failure.

Phase 2: Visual disorientation. I set the dining room lights to pulse at various significant frequencies, designed to cause immediate discomfort, blind-spots and headaches. She was safe here because she was unconscious. At the very least I hope she had the good sense to shut her eyes.

Phase 3: The strike. Ensuring their location on the CCTV, I enter into the dining room precisely in step with a particularly high flash of the lights. Stun gun shots take them both down before they know whats happening. This was almost too easy.

Phase 4: Auditory annihilation. I get to her prostrate form, and insert the ear-plugs in her ears. A quick click of the fingers later, an ultrasound pitch of sound blasted through my 9.1 surround sound speakers. It would be a long time before those two would hear again.

OK, things seemed to be somewhat under control now. I tie both the guys with their backs to each other. Now, time to get her in the room. I overturn her to pick her up... Wait a minute, this isn't my babe at all... Suddenly the chick opens her eyes, pulls out my blaster from my hip-holster, and shoots me in the head.

As I black out, I have the grim satisfaction of seeing my name on the high score list, before the ominous "Game Over" splash.

I opened my eyes to a splitting headache. "Some game, huh?", I said out loud, but received no response. The bed next to me was warm.

Something was wrong...

Fourth of my flash fiction stories, this time with a science fiction and geek twist.

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