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Once there was a land where it was always sunny. You see there was only daytime, so it never got dark. There were clouds up in the sky, but only a few light fluffy ones. Even though the hot sun was out all the time this was still a great place to live because there were lots of shade trees. Shade trees were good for all sorts of things. Some of the best things to do under them were take naps, read, swing from the branches, or do somersaults.

The Pineapple Zoo Ruler lived in the land where it was always sunny and he was afraid of the dark. He was so afraid of the dark that he was even afraid of the dim. Everyone that lived there was always under the shade trees doing something, so the Pineapple Zoo Ruler could never visit them because the shade was too scarry.

The Pineapple Zoo Ruler got rid of the shade so that he could play with his friends under the trees, he did this by making it Fall forever. There was no Winter, Summer, or Spring anymore. The leaves from the shade trees fell to the ground and new ones didn't grow to replace them. The sun shone through the empty branches all day and night, all year long.

With the shade gone nobody was able to fall asleep. Everyone was weary and tired, walking around slouched over and grumpy. Even too tired to play, which made the Pineapple Zoo Ruler sad. When he asked why they didn't want to play anymore, they said that someone had taken all the shade away and they couldn't even nap.

The Pineapple Zoo ruler told his friend Yum Yum Tree Keeper that he had taken all the shade away, but was too afraid of the dark to bring it back. Yum Yum Tree Keeper thought. And Yum Yum Tree Keeper thought some more. Then she set out to catch a single sun-ray. Now as you know, catching a sun-ray is no easy thing to do, but she was patient and careful and had one in just under a day.

Yum Yum Tree Keeper gently put the sun-ray on a necklace and placed it inside a box with a bow. When the Pineapple Zoo Ruler opened the present he was so pleased that he brought back all the seasons right away. The leaves grew back on the shade trees and now they could play all sorts of games under them together. And the shade was no longer scary since he always had a little bit of sunshine around his neck to be brave with.

(this needs some editing love.)

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