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1:1 And Jesus became surrounded by followers and those who wished to understand. 1:2 And they did ask him a multitude of questions about right and wrong, morals and justice. 1:3 Jesus simply stood silent till every person was silent.

1:4 He then spoke. "Each of you comes forward asking me questions about morality. Why?" 1:5 A man within the crowd did reply "To get to heaven." 1:6 "Fool" said Jesus "that is not the reason to be righteous. Surely someone here knows the reason?"

1:7 There was a silence. They did not know the reason. 1:8 "Then I shall teach you" said Jesus. 1:9 "Do not do what is right, because you wish to get to heaven. Do not do what is right in the name of God or because I say so. Do not do good because you fear hellfire. Do what is right because that is the right thing to do."

The Law

2:1 The followers were silent for a long time. 2:2 Then one spoke. "What is right?" 2:3 And Jesus did throw his head back and laugh for a very long time. 2:4 "I do not know." he eventually said "Do what you think is right in the situation. Let your conscience, your common sense, your knowledge, your morals be your guide." 2:5 Then one spoke "But what if I do not know what is right?" 2:6 "It is never easy" was Jesus' reply.

2:7 One then spoke "What of the law and the commandments?" 2:8 "The law is good. It will guide all of, you show you the way." 2:9 "But do not be afraid to destroy the law. Do not become trapped by it. The law serves you, never the other way around."

2:10 Jesus walked forward through his followers. 2:11 He continued to walk until he came across two people that lay on the ground dying of thirst. 2:12 "I can heal only one of them" Jesus spoke. "Neither have the strength to choose between themselves nor can they use the vial of water out of their own strength." 2:13 "How is it possible to choose between either of them? If one was a good friend could I choose then? Do I care about the principle more than the person?" 2:14 He turned towards his followers. "I cannot answer these questions easily. Such things can only be answered with reflection, thought and suffering." Jesus then leaned forward over one of the men and poured the water into his lips.


3:1 Commotion did begin behind Jesus and his followers. 3:2 A man was to be executed for being a heretic by a soldier. 3:3 And Jesus did walk up to the soldier and promptly knocked him to the floor. 3:4 And Jesus did speak "You fool! You show no compassion for your fellow man!" 3:5 "You kill those who do not follow you. Those who never hurt you. You claim to follow God and yet you do not offer redemption to the fallen." 3:6 And while Jesus spoke the heretic fled. 3:7 And Jesus did say "Show compassion where you can. Where you think it would be right to do so."

3:8 They followed Jesus as he continue to walk forward along the road. 3:9 As they walked along, a mugger choose to attack Jesus and tried to kill Jesus. 3:10 Jesus killed him quickly and his followers simply stared wondering where the compassion was. 3:11 Jesus noticed their stares and spoke "Show compassion where it would be right to do so."

Gospels for the PC bible Quest.

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