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In The Hand of Oberon, the fourth book of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber, the plot thickens even further, as we learn what truly happened to the previous king of Amber and father of the fighting siblings, Oberon. Guaranteed not to disappoint, and as Corwin discovers, the primal Pattern has been damaged -- blood has been spilled upon it. The fabric of the entire universe rests upon its well-being.

It turns out that these flaws, reflected in the primal Pattern, are also causing what is called the Black Road; a road that allows ordinary people to change worlds accidentally, and, more importantly, weakens the structure between universes and allowing the forces of Chaos to approach Amber.

A traitor is in the midst of the family of Amber, and mistrustful though they are, they will need to cooperate in order to stop the universe from being destroyed by Chaos.

The exciting conclusion approaches in The Courts of Chaos.

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