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One of the two warring realms in Roger Zelazny's Amber novels.

Realm generated by the Logrus, that venerates the Serpent. Counterpart to Amber.

The Courts are characterized by an abundance of sorcerers, as well as wierdly colored skies and highly unconventional geography.

The political structure of the Courts is highly complex, but rigidly structured. However, assassination is a common means to improving one's station in the Courts. Political intrigues are equally complex, often lasting for centuries.

The first class of citizens in the Courts are similar in intelligence, longevity, and stamina to the citizens of Amber. However, they are posessed of the ability to shapeshift, and often take the forms of hideous demons, or whirling vortices of sound and light. "Pure" demons are generally relegated to the status of pages and servants, or exist formlessly beyond the Rim of Chaos.

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