It goes like this.

Rolling down the line all those lovely heads toss hair and shake teeth the rows of bright teeth clinking like cocktail glasses, the eyes glitter with gin

Oh it is so good to see you, come here! You are so beautiful didn't I always say beautiful didn't I always say why yes of course I have to agree really unique yes different isn't she

(Oh isn't everyone, though!)

We all have such great insights we so subtle and clever I do wonder how we manage it sometimes that playful touch of sarcasm that vague dash of wit yes yes we all understand don't explain it

Stock question answer question answer question lines and lines and lines and we are yelling but there are no voices only the bells and whistles the buzz hum click hum click click click teeth and shoes chattering on the floor.

In the high laughter the sound of sick.

Bless you Henry, you make us so happy.

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