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Originally written in Old French, sometime in the early half of the 13th Century A.D., as a continuation of Chretien DeTroyes' unfinished work "Perceval, or the Knight of the Grail". Author unknown. Translation by Sebastian Evans, 1898. The text of this edition is based on that published as THE HIGH HISTORY OF THE HOLY GRAAL (Everyman Library, J.M. Dent & Sons, London, 1910). This edition is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN in the United States. This electronic edition was edited, proofed, and prepared by Douglas B. Killings (DeTroyes@EnterAct.COM), October 1996.


  1. Introduction

  2. Branch I

  3. Branch II

  4. Branch III

  5. Branch IV

  6. Branch V

  7. Branch VI

  8. Branch VII

  9. Branch VIII

  10. Branch IX

  11. Branch X

  12. Branch XI

  13. Branch XII

  14. Branch XIII

  15. Branch XIV

  16. Branch XV

  17. Branch XVI

  18. Branch XVII

  19. Branch XVIII

  20. Branch XIX

  21. Branch XX

  22. Branch XX

  23. Branch XXII

  24. Branch XXIII

  25. Branch XXIV

  26. Branch XXV

  27. Branch XXVI

  28. Branch XXVII

  29. Branch XXVIII

  30. Branch XXIX

  31. Branch XXX

  32. Branch XXXI

  33. Branch XXXII

  34. Branch XXXXIII

  35. Branch XXXIV

  36. Branch XXXV


ORIGINAL TEXT -- Potvin, Ch. (Ed.): "Perceval le Gallois ou le conte du Graal", Vol. I (Soc. Bibl. Belges., Mons., 1866).
RECOMMENDED READING -- Anonymous (Trans. P.M. Matarasso): "The Quest for the Holy Graal" (Penguin Classics, London, 1969).
DeTroyes, Chretien (Trans. William W. Kibler & Carleton W. Carroll): "Arthurian Romances" (Penguin Classics, London, 1991). Contains the unfinished work "Perceval".
Eschenbach, Wolfram von (Trans. A.T. Hatto): "Parzival" (Penguin Classics, London, 1980).
Malory, Sir Thomas (Ed. Janet Cowen): "Le Morte D'Arthur", Vol. I & II (Penguin Classics, London, 1969).

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