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Cast of Thousands, chapter 13

Marcy showed up bright and early the next morning, and she and Jess ran upstairs to work on what was now their zine.

"Does it have a theme?" Marcy said a little doubtfully, fiddling with her pencil.

Jess paused in the middle of setting out all her stamps and construction paper. "I dunno. It's just stuff I write. Most of the zines I've seen have just sorta been about random things or the person's life or whatever."

Marcy flipped through Jess' first issue. "It seems like if it's about anything, it's about living in Davis."

"Ooh." Jess shuddered. "That's okay. It can be about nothing. Or something else. How about horses? We don't have horses, right? Horses are good."

"Okay, okay, calm down," Marcy giggled. "I don't see what's so bad about Davis anyway, but okay."

"It's just so boring." Jess thumped the bed. "Britney Spears never plays here, we barely get any movies, all the politics are about things like frogs or littering - there's nothing to do here."

Marcy stretched. "You could do a zine about how much you hate Davis."

"What? It's not that bad," Jessie said in astonishment.

"Okay, time to change the subject. What about these pictures?" Marcy grabbed her backpack and rifled through it, pulling out a small blank book.

Jessie grabbed it and looked through the drawings. "Aw. Aw! Look at the cute kitty!"

"I was thinking we could make copies of them and then paste the copies into your zine and copy that."

"That sounds good. These are pretty. Can I have a copy of the Missy one for my room?"

"Sure! It can be like my first tiny little show!" Marcy said happily.

"When you're a famous artist or actor or whatever, I'll be like, 'I have a Marcy Rodriguez original!'"

Marcy sighed with pleasure. "So what are we gonna call this?"

"I dunno. 'The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls Making a Zine'?"

"Too long. How about, um, how about... what was it going to be about again?"

"Maybe we should just make stuff together and then see what to call it."

Marcy nodded. "We could have a theme for each issue, too, and then we'd have a way of getting ideas even though we don't know what it's going to be called?"

"Okay! How about... school?" Jessie drummed her feet on the bedspread. "Or... kids... homework... food... oo! I know! We could call it The Secret Lives of Junior Highschoolers!"

"But we don't have any secrets," Marcy said doubtfully.

"Doesn't matter. People will read it anyway. Besides, everybody has secrets."


Chapter 14?

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