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The Internal Schism

The heart never seems to cease pondering the intentions of the brain. It seeks its answer with feeling and emotion, and loves without reason. It reaches out to others without understanding why, and longs for one to reach back, to accept the warm embrace that it offers, and for two souls to become one.

The mind never appears to stop analyzing the reasons of the heart. Cold logic and computations are the eyes through which it sees, not caring nor feeling, not needing the idea of compassion. The brain insists on reasons that can’t be given, but finds some of its own, though those are not as precious as those found by the heart.

Love is the conflict that exists between the two. The heart sees and believes, the brain witnesses and asks why. One cries “love!” the other “lust!” but which is in the right? Lust is longing for the body, love is for the touch. Which word should be used to describe the longing for another? This is the conclusion only the heart and brain can achieve by working together, a feat that does not appear possible.

Day after day the battle goes on, the object and very reason for the war never receives a hint to the fierce struggle they have caused. The brain resists any contact, any sign released for reasons even it doesn’t fully comprehend. The heart wishes for the other to understand, but is left simply hope that one day love is realized. The mind is left to fear that one day lust is given in to.

Lust destroys a man and consumes him, but love will help them grow. The longing for touch, for the words, the warm ideas that flow forth that will never be realized. Even if the brain understands this, it will still fight back, even against the very logic that it savors. Some will never see this struggle because the battle will soon be won by one side or the other. The heart seems to have the strongest side, as lust too often consumes the human soul, for lust is that which tears apart the lives of those give into it. For others where the brain seems stronger, unhappiness awaits, as love can not so easily find its way, and the soul is left empty inside.

Until that day, the hope lies only in the dreams. Maybe someday an agreement will be reached, and internal peace found. Only when this happens, and the hand of that other is also extended shall true happiness be found. Dreams of joy and waking of sorrow, someday cease to be. Hopefully cease to be. Please cease to be.

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