This can be a bitch for anyone that allows for human nature to apply to them. As somehow, we are greedy and selfish, and put ourselves before anyone, even the person who means everything to us. How many people would truly sacrifice their life for a loved one? Or give up their hopes and dreams to just make that special someone happy?

There are people out there who would, but for the most part, we deny the fact that we don't care enough for other people. It's embarrassing to admit that you don't love someone enough to die. No one wants to look immature in front of the rest of society. But, it's only human.

Lust is the desire and whim that everything is yours. No thought put forward into the other person. No compromising. A completely shallow way of believing you're in love. Usually, you know very little about the person you lust after. You don't even have to find them physically attractive. Just wanting them is enough.

Love is the connection of your soul with someone else's. It's settling your differences, dealing with conflicts as one person, not two seperate entities. It's sharing your life experience with them and being the other person's friend. Love is pure and comes without decision.

This is part of my attempt to transfer all the useful and/or intelligent information from my web page onto Everything. This all started when I found the older version of my latest rant. These are basically older interpretations of my current thought processes. This one is primarily about the difference between Love and Lust, but it has some stuff on polygamy thrown in at the end.

What is love? That is a question that has been bugging people for a long time. What is love? Why do people fall in love? Are there different levels of love? What is the difference between the love of a parent, and the love of a pet? I have been spending a lot of time thinking of the subject, and have decided to share my 'vast amounts of wisdom' with the rest of the world. I'll start with Love, love in society seems to consist of two separate things, love, which is what most people associate with the word love. And lust, which is what most people associate with genitalia. Happy relationships can come from either of the two, or both, although less likely to come from a pure lust relationship. A good analogy for lust and love is body, and spirit (or soul).

Lust is mostly a chemical reaction caused by pheromones. Two people see each other, the nose and your pores sense the pheromones, and sends out the signal, 'she's hot, let's go for a shag.' They meet, go out a few times, bang a couple of times, yippee. Now is when the problems start to set out, if they haven't already. They have to find something in common... basically if they would be compatible friends, cause after a while, the pheromones change. If they could be friends, then it might go on for longer, because they are so used to being bf/gf. Otherwise, the relationship will probably shatter.

Love is... love, there is no real way to describe it. You want to know the person, be with the person, it is like the person fills you. Two people can see each other for the first time, and nothing happens... but when they start to talk, they find out that the person is perfect for them. This is the kind of relationship where you see old people that have been married to the same people for 50 years. There is often lust involved, and that isn't a bad thing. In fact it is probably a good thing. And that's where I go into the difference between the love of a parent/pet, and love of a gf/bf

The difference is, mainly, lust. People have asked me if there were different types of love, and I said yes. But now that I think about it, it's not. Lust is the major difference. One of the big differences between a good friendship, and a relationship, is sex. I'm not saying that this is the only difference, but it is a big one. Love, contrary to popular belief, is only one thing, the love between gf/bf, and the love between a kid and his dog are the same, it's just with the dog there is no lust, and the intensity of the love is toned down.

Now, one of the big problems with love that pops up ever so often in our society, is what happens, if you fall in love with two people? I'm not one of those people who believe that everyone has a perfect match in life, but everyone does have matches, and probably more then one, actually, it's probably more then a hundred, it's just that the chances are you won't find more then one. but what if you do? You are in love with two people, and they are both in love with you. Society says that it is a bad thing, morally reprehensible, but it really isn't. I say bring back Polygamy, I'm not with the prospect of a man owning women, or vice versa, for that matter, but if three people can be happy together, why not?

Lust is more powerful than love. That animal instinct, that need for sexual fulfilment, overcomes the need to satisfy the heart. This is not how it should be, but reality is immoral. Love and lust should be one, they shouldn't be interchangeable. A body should be no more precious or revered than the soul.

If this is false, then why so many empty relationships? Why all the pain because love didn't triumph over all? There is so much apathy and spite, love's scorn can take its toll but it never calms the wandering eye.

I am lust in a battle between these two powerful forces. I am lust to my love, he loves another. He cannot choose, and it's destroying everything. If he loved, would he not lust for another? If I loved, would I let lust not be enough? These are fundamental questions to be faced and answered.

What is lust? This is an indescribable force that causes the weak to do ineffable things. It opaques the mind, the senses become more awake but the conscience remains asleep.

Not like love. Love is beautiful. It pleases the soul. It should be enough, it should be treasured.

Love and lust cannot be calculated, if one ould find the answer to both, then they could be integrated into one force instead of two destructive ones.

Love and Lust may appear to be polar opposites, but they can coexist. In fact, it is one of the best things that can happen hen they do! Sure, you can love someone, but not 'in that way' and you can lust for someone you have no intention of having any feelings for. This is a given.

However, when you get into a certain kind of relationship and the stars align just so, you can have that perfect thing: Loving someone, being in love with them and lusting after them! Lust with love is a wonderful thing. Both of the human desires are covered -- the desires to be both emotionally and physically intimate, when in unison, make a beautiful union.

Love and Lust aren't even in the same book, on the same shelf or stored in the same library. People only confuse love and lust when they've ONLY KNOWN LUST.

And Love is more powerful, because it's the only one of the two with more power than hormones or age or crippling illness--even death. The flu can kill your lust. The apocalypse can't kill your love.

Murphy said that it's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I'm not calling anybody here a fool, except in the good, archetypal sense maybe. For one thing, Everything is the place to toss around confusions like that. Just please keep in mind, if you ever choose to say anything about the love-or-lust question, everybody in the room who's ever been in Love is going to know that you haven't.

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