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The JFK Mafia Theory

The Mafia had the motive, the power, and the money in order to murder the president. It has been calculated that the relationship between the Mafia and the Kennedy family dates back to Joseph Kennedy’s bootlegging days of alcohol during prohibition. “Joe Kennedy built his magnificent career selling bootlegged whiskey and, therefore, built the fortune that eventually launched his son’s political career." In order to produce whiskey, one would need vast quantities of sugar. Getting this sugar was easy if one went through the chief (Godfather) of the Chicago Mobs, Sam Giancanna.

“Giancanna’s supplier was the corrupt Batista government whose bloody hands held the reins of control over the vast sugar cane fields of Cuba. The Mob also had large real estate holdings there. They propped up the government with the power of dollars, and a river of sugar flowed north to become bathtub gin and speakeasy whiskey.”

Another fact known is that John Kennedy won the 1960 election in one of the closest presidential races seen in the history of our country. Cook County, Illinois, Sam Giancanna’s territory, gave John F. Kennedy the important victory over former vice-president Richard Nixon. No one can get out the vote like the Mob.

Giancanna bragged about the politicians he held in his pocket, and with the 1960 presidential race won, he now had the biggest coup of his life. After his election to office, John Kennedy appointed his brother, Robert, to the position of Attorney General. Robert Kennedy held numerous governmental positions against Racketeering and Organized Crime beforehand. It was only natural, that once in office, Robert Kennedy would pursue the one thing he detested, the Mafia.

Almost immediately after John Kennedy took the Oath of Office, Robert Kennedy set up an Organized Crime Task Force at the Justice Department. Thus began a course of action that may have eventually cost both Kennedys’ their lives.”

The Mafia upset with the younger Kennedy’s constant pressure on the mob, his constant FBI surveillance, and his constant publicity, which now surrounded their once secret operations, was fed up. Santos Trafficante, Florida’s crime boss, was overheard telling an associate that Kennedy would not make it. Trafficante was heard to say that Kennedy was going to be hit.

The Justice Department pursued Carlos Marcello, of New Orleans, more than any other Mafia boss. He was unlawfully deported to Guatemala on the orders of Robert Kennedy himself. In a show of defiance, Marcello illegally returned to the United States a few months later. The pursuit of Marcello continued until the President’s assassination. In the aftermath, crushed by the thunderous blow of his brother’s death, Robert “appeared” to have given up on his pursuit of the Mob.

The Mafia had reasons to hate both Kennedys, and it certainly had the power within its own organization to kill the president. What the mob lacked, however, was the power to cover up the crime successfully. It is also doubtful that one or perhaps two Mafia families would strike out on their own to assassinate someone as important as the President of the United States without all of the families standing firmly together.

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