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One of many scenes that was cut from The Wizard of Oz to shorten the film. If you recall the famous scene where the Wicked Witch sends the flying monkeys out to get Dorothy, you've seen the continuity problem that was caused by the last-minute cutting of this scene of the film.

The wizard has just sent Dorothy and the others on a quest to get the Wicked Witch's broomstick. As they enter the Haunted Forest, we see the Cowardly Lion with a butterfly net and an oversized pump-action can of bug spray. The Scarecrow has a walking stick and what appears to be a chrome revolver. The Tin Man has apparently chosen to stick with his trusty axe.

Cut to the Witch's Castle. The Wicked Witch, watching the group from her crystal ball, marshals her cadre of satanic simians.

Wicked Witch (to Flying Monkey): "Take your army to the Haunted Forest and bring me that girl and her dog. Do what you want with the others, but I want her alive and unharmed. They'll give you no trouble, I promise you that. I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them. Take special care of those ruby slippers. I want those most of all. Now fly! Fly!"

Footage for the scene that follows no longer exists, but the soundtrack does. Portions of composer Harold Arlen's home movies of part of the rehearsals for the scene have been found. From these fragments the scene can be partially reconstructed.

Dorothy: Did you just hear what I just heard?

Lion: That noise don't come from no ordinary bird...

Dorothy: It may be just a cricket or a critter in the trees...

Tin Man: It's giving me the jitters in the joints around my knees!

Scarecrow: I think I see a jitter, and he's fuzzy, and he's furry, I haven't got a brain but I think I ought to worry.

Tin Man: I haven't got a heart, but I have a palpitation!

Lion: This monarch of the forest, I don't like this situation.

Dorothy: Are you going to stand around and let him fill us full of horror?

Lion: I'd like to roar him down, but I think I lost my roarer!

Tin Man: It's a whosis!

Scarecrow: It's a whosis?

Lion: It's a whatsis!

Tin Man: It's a whatsis?

Lion: Who's that?

Tin Man: Who's that?

Scarecrow: Who's that?

Dorothy: Who's that?


Who's that hiding in the treetops?
It's that rascal, the Jitterbug

If you catch him buzzing round you
Keep away from the Jitterbug

Oh the bats and the bees and breeze in the trees
Have a terrible, horrible buzz
But the bats and the bees and the breeze in the trees
Couldn't do what the Jitterbug does

So be careful of that rascal
Keep away from the Jitterbug

(All join in to sing the chorus)
Oh, the Jitter
Oh, the bug
Bug buga bug buga bug bugaboo!
In a twitter
In the throes
Country dancing on a thousand toes
Thar she blows!

Rubber trees-- the same costumes as the crabby apple trees from earlier in the movie-- circle the four, twisting and swaying in time, as they dance the jitterbug. Footage of the actual jitterbug, apparently a giant blue and pink mosquito, doesn't exist anymore.

All we see in the final edit is the inexplicably disarmed group getting whipped by a bunch of pinioned primates.

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