Factory Settings (Female)

Upon leaving the factory, the typical brand spankin' new homo sapiens organism (female variant) will have certain capabilities and settings that you should be aware of, whether you are the owner of a female body and mind, or the partner of one.

Hardware Features

Software Features

  • Nurturing facilities
  • Libido may be limited by self-image, hygeine, or other issues
  • Improved socialization and empathy skills
  • Submissive tendency toward alpha-males; often reinforced with low self-esteem

When left unmodified, these features are optimized for survival and reproduction in the prehistoric hunter-gatherer culture of your choice, especially those featuring solitary breeding males, which will mate with and abandon the female. If you will be operating a female body in such an environment, congratulations - you are done configuring your body, and may begin to be exploited and impregnated by the next passing herd of silverbacks.

However, if you plan to operate the female in a manner that may lead to pair-bonding and possible happiness, you may wish to override some of these features. Unlike the male, which must work to overcome internal pressures, the female must generally work to prevent exploitation and abuse from external sources. With that goal in mind, see below for some of the most commonly implemented modifications.

Common Firmware Modifications

  • Submission patch. The stock female empathy driver is designed to work with alpha-male dominance. This stance is generally unfulfilling and often leads to unacceptable levels of unhappiness. In the past, submissive, cowed females were common; thankfully, they are becoming rare. Pair-bonds involving empowered, assertive females tend to be more successful.
  • Improved libido. This modification takes a lot of work, but is usually worth it. The female must accept and celebrate her body and genitals.
  • Defense against exploitation. Especially in the early phases of pair-bonding, a female must learn to put up a few defenses against exploitation of her nurturing instincts. Later, she must un-learn these defenses in order to allow intimacy. A better solution would be to modify the males.

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