Novel co-authored by Bill Ransom and Frank Herbert in 1983. Set on the all-sea world of Pandora in humanity's far-future (or far-past), this excellent book unravels in the midst of a bloody war. The Islanders, who live in floating cities made of kelp, are fighting the sub-marine dwelling Mermen. This is all kind of depressing because if the reader was exiled on a shit-hole world like that, the last thing he'd want to do is slaughter his fellow refugees. The dark and dreary setting is reminiscent of Dune, but at the other extreme. will no doubt inform you, in its own vaguely Orwellian way, that if you bought The Lazarus Effect, you will also buy Dune.

This book is best read while listening to Smashing Pumpkins' Drown (from the Singles soundtrack) on continuous loop.

The Lazarus Effect is the second book in the three-part Pandora series. The other books, The Jesus Incident, and The Ascension Factor are also co-authored by Ransom and Herbert. I haven't read the other books, and neither should you.

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