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Although the story will never come totally to light, there is a tale told, sometimes only in hushed whispers, about the incident that happened in one of Soviet Russia's greatest industrial plants, a gigantic sprawling complex covering thousands of acres along the Volga River, just outside of Stalingrad. The year was 195X, when The Soviet Union was still under the dominion of Josef Stalin, and when paranoia and fear of The West infiltrated the country. Every proletarian felt that they had to work as hard as possible, to increase the technological base of the nation against the rapacious capitalist hordes, or else just to avoid being denounced. It was thus the case that when weird work stoppages and accidents plagued this key factory, which produced agricultural goods for the peasants, the management suspected sabotage. But try as they could, no one in the KGB or other secret police organizations could find out who was the mole.

So although it may have been premature, the plant's internal head of security called up a secret facility in Siberia. This facility, while secretive, was rumored to be developing a type of mutant dog capable of smelling lies, and even able to speak and accuse those who betrayed state security. Their faces were also strangely twisted, being flat and hairless like a human face, and their limbs as well were half-human, so that they could stand up and lurch along for short periods of time, and even point their fingers at those who they accused. Although it was risky to release this secret weapon so early, it was decided that the strategic position of tractors in the Communist economy warranted it. And, the beasts were so frightful that merely their appearance might make the saboteur confess.

So when the day came, the workers were lined up. They were many, and they filled a large warehouse. The shambling monstrosity was brought in, slavering at its jaws, and sniffed along the lines of shocked, frightened factory workers. It strained at its chain leash, trying to smell them even closer. Some workers cried, some passed out. But it wasn't until half an hour had passed that the beast showed signs of excitement, and pointing to one hapless woman, gurgled out in its inhuman tones that this woman, indeed, was the guilty party. What happens next, whether the vicious animal or the violent mechanisms of an oppressive state were more terrible, is unknown. All that is known, is that to this day, it is told:

In Soviet Russia, "She" is what That said.

Children of the Night: The 2012 Halloween Horrorquest

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