In a room where there are no windows. Where no light gets through. How can one survive with no food. No help.

Someone did.

Someone survived that for seven years. That cold, dark room. A tomb that symbolizes life…….......and death. This is their story.

Its hard going through life not knowing what is around the corner. Its even harder knowing. Its harder knowing that every morning that you wake up will lead to another day of pain, torture and humiliation. Knowing what he will do. Knowing how much it will hurt. As you lay there, on the cold concrete floor, a tear slowly descends down your face. Your not upset at him. Your upset at yourself. For letting him do this. For letting all this happen without trying to get him to stop. For not having the guts to stick up for yourself. He takes your dignity away from you, and all you do is lie there and watch. But you made it through seven years of it already. You can make it through another day. That is certain. Or is it?

As you think the door slowly creeps open. Taunting you. Teasing you. Letting your weep on the inside. A head creeps around the corner. Followed by an arm and a body. Then and only then you get the urge to fight. You stand up. Your heart starts to beat faster. You look around for something to use as a weapon. But there’s nothing. Nothing to help you. Nothing to save you. But yourself.

You start to walk forward. As the figure keeps moving out from the darkness of the hallway. The other hand comes into view. Your heart stops. Its holding a knife.

You back away. Unable to speak. You hit the wall. Unable to move back any further. Just watching and waiting. As the man finally comes into total view. He looks at you and laughs. Making one fatal mistake. As he laughs he drops the knife. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. You launch forward. Using every ounce of strength left. You push him over, grab the knife and prepare to get out of there. But your didn’t account for one thing. The gun in his back pocket. The gun which he is pulling our right now.

You only have one choice. You throw the knife and prey that it hits him. It does. Not very hard though but still, he is shocked and this is your chance to run.

As you run you have no idea where you are headed. You’re only focused on one thing. You’re way out. All you do is run towards the stairs in front of your. Where you can see the light.

The light comes from above. Up there is your freedom. Your hear voices behind you. But you ignore them. Your freedom is close. You can feel it.

You hit the stairs. They creak as you heave yourself upwards. You hear your family urging you onward. Giving you the motivation and strength that you need to get up those stars. You hit the door and throw it open. You stop dead in your tracks. All you can do is scream.

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