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This is a hilarious comedy starring David Bowie and Rosanna Arquette. The setting of the film is Dali, a hopelessly trendy restaurant in New York City. Arquette plays a waitress there who idolizes Harry Houdini, and wants more than anything to follow in his footsteps as an escape artist. Bowie plays the role of Monte, a bartender and a hopeless gambling addict who needs to find a waitress to marry by a certain time as part of a strange bet. Funny complications ensue when both Arquette's waitress and Bowie's bartender come up with separate plans to rob the restaurant for their own purposes. Although it's a romantic comedy it's not sappy, and in most cases the humor is just bizarre.

Also in the movie: Marlee Matlin, Buck Henry, Andre Gregory, Eszter Balint, and James Avery
directed by Richard Shepard

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