The Manson Family were a cult headed by the infamous Charles Manson. They lived in a "house" secluded in the back back backwoods of California, Death Valley.

The Manson Family is remembered for murdering 5 people in Roman Polanski's Hollywood home, including his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, (August 9, 1969). Then, two days later, they murdered two more people (Rosemary and Leno LaBianca). The most bizarre part of the killings were the messages written in blood at the crime scenes.

Manson's reason for killing was to instigate the racial apocalypse between blacks and whites, by implicating black suspects in his murders. For proof of this coming apocalypse, and Manson's Messiahship, people were told listen to Helter Skelter, by The Beatles.

Psychos, indeed.

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