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We gather from afar, a meeting of minds, although the distance seems like nothing once you get past the busy gate and pay your toll.

Our words have become ritual as it usually does when a family is formed. There is an occassonal quibble between my brothers, my sisters, and I, but for the most part, we live harmoniously.

Each day, a new friend is brought home to meet the family, sometimes staying to escape their everyday chaos, but all too often, they're in and out the door. That's okay, they're always welcome back.

It is here that I have found another side of me, it is there where I can express my entire being without having to fear retaliation. We have accepted each other like. Inside jokes are few, but there is no conditional liking, no rejections because he's a queer or she's a fat cow. We meet people from the inside and work our way back out.

It is here that I have found a new sense of belonging. I have found new friends and built a bridge between some of the old.

It is our world, our domain. We have struggled long and hard to build it, and it can't be taken away from us now.

A sign on the door reads:

~*¤§|§¤*~ The Everything Family ~*¤§|§¤*~

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