In 1995 I happened to be working for Microsoft as a tech support monkey boy for the brand spanking new Windows 95. I, along with approximately 16,000 other Microsoft employees, received the following email to announce the spawn of the devil.

You will probably read this in the press over the weekend, so you should hear it from me first. Bill and Melinda are expecting their first child in late May. We have to respect their privacy, please keep any comments to friends and press to a minimum. As a father of three, I am very excited for both of them, this will change their lives!

Here is some more information for you, and only you. Do not forward outside Microsoft.

As always, we want to respect Bill and Melinda's privacy on personal matters, but we have included some basic information below that will give you context on this announcement. Please use discretion regarding this information- obviously this is a very private matter.

Main Points:

  • The baby is expected in late May.
  • Bill and Melinda have made a personal decision not to identify the sex of the baby until it is born.
  • They have not selected any potential names yet, but they have made a decision that they will not name any of their children William, Bill or Melinda.
  • Melinda is currently 31 and Bill is 40.
  • It's important to emphasize that Bill and Melinda are both from close families and have been planning to start a family of their own.
  • We will not be giving out their doctor's name nor the name of hospital they will be using.

Some further q&a that may be asked:

Q. What about the completion date of their new house?
A. Having children will not affect the construction of the new house. Their current home is perfectly adequate for raising a child or children. The construction plans for the new home remain on course, and it is expected to be completed the end of 1996.

Q. Will Melinda continue working at Microsoft?
A. Melinda plans to go out for maternity leave in May. She will decide before then what exactly her long term plans are with regards to Microsoft.

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