Let's get foolish about investing!

"They" say you are a fool if you do your own investing instead of using a broker. Well then the guys that created this site are the biggest fools of them all. This site has a lot of well written and well researched articles on investing, all sorts of investing. Primarily it focuses on stocks, but it has a lot of info about other forms. It also supports a forum for foolish investors to communicate and trade information. It has a portfolio tool where you can track stocks and see how you would've done if you really bought those stocks (or maybe track stocks you have bought).

Their big thing is the Foolish Four. An idea/scheme/plan for picking stocks. Basically it builds on some other schools of thought and tweaks them a little to try to get better guesses at which companies are most likely to have a growth spurt. With this they advocate a buy and hold strategy as opposed to day trading.


The single most popular, if not simply the best, Web site (and weekly newspaper column) dedicated to anything and everything financial. It mostly focuses on investing, but is an excellent source of information about loans and mortgages, taxes, and basic business.

The Motley Fool is built on the principles of common sense and the idea that you don't need an economics major to tell you what to do with your money in order to make a profit with it. It's as much a community as an informational site, filled with discussions and peer information about every conceivable financial topic.

Most people avoid the financial section of the daily newspaper like the plague because the stock market reports are utterly incomprehensible. But like any new language, it's only like that until you learn the vocabulary. The Motley Fool will introduce anyone with a smattering of education to the world of personal finance, and from there to the really big finance which most people give up and leave to professionals. It's good information, easily accessible. Go read it now; someday, you'll be glad you did.

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