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I, personally, remembered this song for years. Even now, it creeps into my head every now and again. I love this song. It is one of the most beautiful pieces ever made-- the imagery, the colour of the words and the singability- I can sing this song better than many others. The music stirs my soul.

Particually likable is the method Webber uses, making black- traditionaly colour of evil and darkness- a good thing, In a way nearly literally making black white.

Darkness is frightening to humanity, a lesson from the past, taken genetically from person to person- a Racial Memory in a way. The Phantom finds it beautiful, deep and sensual; This is probably due to the fact he lived in the dark for most of his life. Though most find darkness scary, the Phantom loves it- much like the Heroine's feelings towards him; Most find him scary, but she learns to love him.

If you ever find a chance to hear this song, do so. I truly think this is a great, great work.

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