Director: Henri Georges Clouzot

Cast: Pablo Picasso, Henry Georges Clouzot

Clouzot, known to be the French’s answer to  Hitchcock with his breath-taking repertoire of  work including Les Diaboliques and Wages of Fear gives us a glimpse into work of arguably the greatest painter of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso. It is an interesting watch for anyone curious about the creative process. 

You have to know the rules of the system to break them and to add different dimensions to them – nothing exemplifies this better than the mastery of Picasso. He chiselled out his various perspectives on life, to combine them in a different perspective altogether. Every creative process happens in the mind, but if you observe a painting being made, the creative flow from one’s mind to the canvas can be noted shade by shade. Because, painting is closest to the soul and is its direct expression, than most other art forms, except music. 

What kind of rebel are you, if you do not produce expressions of rebellion? Picasso was a rebel, a master and a person who knew himself and his limitations. He has been criticised by the likes of Jackson Pollock, for not willing to move out of his comfort zone and stretch his work beyond himself.   I imagine Picasso’s reply would be,” I am an artist for who, art is a means (of living), as much as being an end in itself”.  

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