I hope I can do this justice.

Loosely, the creative process is the route we take when we are on the road to a new concept, idea, or creation. Studies of the creative process have yielded thousands of art movements and schools of thought. Believers in the creative process produced things like the inkblot test, spontaneous expression advocates and art therapy.

The creative process can translate to broadly varying meanings for each person, and can differ in details slightly depending on whether the end result is a poem, a canvas, an architectural design or a new life perspective. However, it has basic principles that make it what it is. I learned these through my experiences with visual art and singing, but they apply to any sort of creation. And since all of life is a sort of creative process, these are generally good things to think about.

  • To allow the creative process to work its magic, you have to get out of your own way. Much of what prevents us from being successful in our creations is our inhibitions.
  • Trust your intuition, but let it lead you to something creative rather than destructive. Instead of tearing up the painting/painting it black, I might paint a violent scene, or dramatic colours - anything that releases the emotion.

"The visible painting is just the echo of a much greater process. What is reflected in the forms, images and colours are the by-products of a journey that has taken place on an inner landscape."

- From "Life, Paint and Passion" by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley

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