1987 Movie starring Judd Nelson, John Hurt, and Elizabeth Perkins. The story was written by David E. Kelley, so of course, it is about a lawyer. Robin "Stormy" Weathers (Nelson) is in his first year out of law school, and is tired of all the filing and proof-reading that recent graduates have to do before they get to take on trials. He wants to practice law.

He scams his way into a petty assault trial, and makes head-lines with his hilarious courtroom antics. His sudden popularity lands him a new client - a univeristy professor charged with first degree murder. Maybe, he's in over his head...

This is a great movie. The story is well put together, the writing is well crafted and funny, and the acting is excellent. It does drag on in parts, but if you're patient, it's worth it. Especially if you enjoy conflicts of ethics and morality.

Robin (trying to wake Jo up): "You said this morning was hypercritical."
Jo: "I was drunk."
Robin: "You don't drink."
Jo: "I must drink - how else could I feel this way in the morning?"

"From the hip" is a gunslinger term from Westerns wherein a gunfighter would draw his six-shooter by tilting his firearm back out of its holster and firing as it clears the lip. The motion is fluid and swift, but does have the disadvantage of not being as accurate as an aimed shot. For a fast-draw gunfight, this was considered the better way to proceed because of the speed at the expense of accuracy. 

One could practice aiming while shooting from the hip, but there's a lot involved. As the hand contacts the handle, it has to wrap around the grip and the fingers need to find the correct position on the trigger without shooting a big toe off. Then the web of the thumb or the thumb itself would cock the hammer back, assuming the revolver was a single action variety. While that was occurring, the arm and wrist would be pulling the gun upwards and back to clear the holster and to make the barrel parallel to the ground. Whatever aiming the shooter wished to do would take place, and then the trigger would be pulled.

It's a lot harder to do properly without shooting a hole in your boot.

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