I discovered The Nation looking for more of Christopher Hitchens, and found--so much else.

The Nation has a long publishing, and political history, a hundred years, I think. Its writers include Christopher Hitchens, of course, Eric Alterman, Alexander Cockburn, Katha Pollitt, Patricia J. Williams, Arthur C. Danto, Edward W. Said, William Greider, Jonathan Schell,Marc Cooper, Susan Faludi, Thomas Ferguson, Michael Moore, Kirkpatric Sale, Gore Vidal, and many others too numerous to name--a virtual who's who on the Left.

Some notes on some:

Eric Alterman is seen on Canadian television often. Alexander Cockburn is co-editor of Counter-Punch, a progressive publication.

Patricia J. Williams writes the marvelous column Diary of a Mad Law Professor.

Arthur C. Danto is the author of The Analytical Philosophy of Action and The Analytical Philosophy of Action as well as being an insightful art critic.

Edward W. Said has had a long and distinguished career as a journalist, and essayist.

William Greider, previously with Rolling Stone wrote the book One World, Ready or Not.

Jonathan Schell is well-known as an environmentalist.

Marc Cooper produces RadioNation, available at thenation.com.

Michael Moore, of course, is the producer of the film Roger & Me, the television program TV Nation, and much else.

Kirkpatrick Sale is known as a commentator on the evolution of industry, and has authored principles of a neo-luddism.

Gore Vidal, of course, needs no, introduction.

I will say, however, that I was rather shocked when I read about The Nation Cruise. As attractive as the thought of going on a cruise with some of my intellectual heros was, the thought of this being done for a fundraiser gave me more than a little pause.

Even the notion of a "Publisher and Editorial Director," as Victor Navasky's title is given, also, is something that doesn't quite sit right. Does he 'direct' whatever goes in because he paid for the right?

I understand the need to raise money for progressive publications. ZMagazine is often appealing for money, too. But they seem to be raising it through an attached publishing house, the Z Media Insitute, and offers connected to the work itself.

Don't get me wrong, those of us on the progressive side of things need more than what we've got, and I buy The Nation frequently. But I am never unwary of even this.

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