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This node is under construction. This is a transcript of the original work by Sir William Hope, and is available from the Linacre School of Defence, utmost thanks to Jonathan Miller.

The New, Short and Easy Method of Fencing,
or, the Art of Broad and Small-Sword Rectified and Compendiz’d

A TABLE of The Principal Matters containd'e in this ESSAY of FENCING

The Dedication.

In the Advertisement after the Dedication.

To the Author.

In the Introduction.

Chapter I.
OF the Hanging Guard in Seconde, and how a Man is to stand to it.

Chapter II.
OF the Advantages, which the Hanging Guard in Seconde hath over all, or most, of the other Guards.

Chapter III.
WHERE some Objections against this Guard in Seconde, are fairly Stated and Answered, as also discovering the Source, from whence Criticising and Censuring do most commonly flow.

Chapter IV.
AN Explication of most of the Terms of Art made use of in Fencing.

Chapter V.
HOW a Man is to Parie or Defend himself from either Blow or Thrust, upon the Hanging Guard in Seconde.

Chapter VI.
OF the Pursuit, as well Blows as Thrusts, wherewith a Man is to Attack his Adversary from the Hanging Guard in Seconde.

Chapter VII.
OF some Chief and Undeniable Principles whereupon the Art of the Sword ought to be Founded.


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