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To an outsider, the North Shore of Sydney seems like a snobbish place, indeed it is to an extent, but there is a little more to it. Originally, the North Shore began at North Sydney, immediately north of the 'coat hanger' and ended at Chatswood. However, now, Chatswood marks the centre of the North Shore area. The suburbs from North Sydney to Chatswood are known as the 'lower North Shore' and the suburbs from Chatswood to Wahroonga are known as the 'upper North Shore.' A lot of people will tell you that the upper north shore ends at Hornsby but as an elitist I refuse to recognise Hornsby as belonging to the north shore, but more northern suburbs. The majority of people living in this area are middle to upper middle class. It is important to note that the majority of the Sydney upper class consider themselves middle class and, well, they're the ones who fill out the census forms. I have lived on the north shore since I was five years old and at the moment of my writing this, it is less than two weeks away from my 18th birthday and for years I have wanted nothing more than to move away from this area. Before I explain why, let me explain my current situation;

I am currently sitting on a double bed, covered by sheets I bought on a family holiday in Thailand, with the money I saved from working as a checkout chick at a supermarket. Next to me are my school books and my high school uniform. I type on my new lap top which my mother bought for me a few weeks ago because I asked her to. If I wanted to go out tonight, I could easily walk to the nearest train station or to a friend's house close by without much fear of assault or abduction. Alternatively, I could drive my mother's shitbox 15 year old car, for which I don't have to pay petrol.

As you may have guessed, I live a life of privelage, largely owing to my family's socio-economic situation. Why on earth would I want to leave?

A year ago, I was at a friend's 18th birthday party and got into a nice conversation with these guys I had never previously met. It went something like this:

Me: So what school did you graduate from?

Them: Oh, St Benedict's (I'm not sure about this but it's beside the point)

Me: Can't say I've heard of that. Where is it?

Them: (Blacktown)

Me: (exasperated) Oh! Blacktown...uh...Cool.

At this point, these guys were practically on the floor laughing at my 'typical north shore reaction.' Until this point, I had always thought of myself as against the grain of my north shore counterparts.

Later that Christmas, I overheard a conversation with my uncle, grandpa and aunt about come crime that occured near Chatswood.

Uncle: Oh well, at least only a few people were hurt. If it was in Blacktown or somewhere like that, people would have been killed (smug laughter).

Me: (chiming in) Uncle, when was the last time you actually went to Blacktown?

Uncle: Well, uh, it has been a while I guess-

Me: How long?

Uncle: Must be over 10 years now.

I should inform you here that Blacktown is located in the far west of Sydney and fairly working-class and reputedly impoverished.

Also, there are numerous party's thrown on the weekends. These usually consist of many underage kids rocking up, many uninvited, and doing at least one of the following; getting pissed, hooking up, destroying property etc.

These scenarios bring me to my point. The north shore is a nice place, people are generally nice (you get arseholes everywhere) but in my experience I have found the people who live here, including myself, to be elitist in their judgements, hence the 'Blacktown' scenarios. As well, I've found the north shore to be an exceptionally boring area. That's why kids throw these parties, and why vast amounts of kids go to these parties. There is hardly anything better to do.

I know I've crapped on about myself way to much in this node, but the reason I started my own group is because I am interested in other people's experiences and opinions with the north shore. So feel free to post anything underneath! Go crazy, I don't take much personally!

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