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The Outlanders®, is the second book of the Lon Tobyn Chronicle, written by David B. Coe, published 1998 by TOR® Fantasy.

Jaryd and Alayna have discovered that the rogue mages weren't even mages. They were men from Tobyn-Ser's sister land, Lon-Ser. Their hawks weren't even real, but of some mechanical construct that so closely matched the real thing, many could not tell the difference. But even the proof of this can not stop the self destruction of the Order.

The mages, aghast to find one of their own could be so evil as to conspire with strangers to destroy the very soul of their Order, are paralyzed with fear, infighting, and indecision. Someone, somehow must put a stop to it all.

Orris discovers, through conversations with the imprisoned Outlander, that Lon-Ser is seeking new lands. They have overcrowded and spoiled their own. No longer are the Nals safe. He approaches Baden with the idea of traveling to Lon-Ser in an attempt to build better relations between the sister cities.

Once there, Orris discovers a hidden society living in the few remaining hills of Lon-Ser. They are the Gildrites, and legend tells that Gildri led his people to Lon-Ser after they were exiled from Tobyn-Ser as abominations because of their sorcerous powers. Powers which, surprisingly, mirror those of the Children of Amarid! Legend also says that once in Lon-Ser, the powers of the Hawk were weak. After a time the Gildrites fell into disfavor and were forced to live as a secret society, attempting to blend in with the people of the Nals and hiding their powers.

Orris discovers that a young woman, who has risen quickly in power in the Realms, is herself a Gildrite. Compounding the depth of this information, he finds she is also one of the people responsible for the original attack on Tobyn-Ser. And he is strangely drawn to her.

Melyor, Nal-Lord and respected in the Realms, has seen visions of Orris. And they have scared her. She tries, in vain, to have him killed, even as she is training for a larger attack on Tobyn-Ser.

Orris, traveling the Nals with Gwilym and aided by Melyor, attempts to unite the Nals. One of their number has been secretly amassing power in the hope of overthrowing Tobyn-Ser and Lon-Ser both. This type of power can not be tolerated. Cedrych must not be allowed to succeed.

The ensuing struggle, utilizing the most amazingly advanced weapons that Orris could never dream of, promises to either destroy both worlds or bring a peace and understanding between them. It's up to Orris and Melyor to bring ensure the latter ocurrs.

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