Part Two

The High Command continues in a state of moderate confusion brought on by having to communicate through cadets and inexperienced officers. Instead of accepting the text of a proclamation agreed upon in advance by the generals, Pinochet decides to edit it, adding what is essentially his first political speech and the basic framework of Junta propaganda concerning the Allende years.

General Leigh: Please indicate where Augusto is. Gustavo wants to talk with him.

Post One: Let's see. 1, 3 here...let's go to 5.

Post Five: Post 5 here calling Post 3.

Leigh:Is General Pinochet there?

Carvajal: No, this is Admiral Patricio Carvajal.

Leigh: And have you seen General Pinochet?

Carvajal: At Post 2, over.

Leigh:General Pinochet is at Post 2....No, this is Gustavo. Over..

Leigh: Post 3, General Pinochet is at Post 1, over.

Post Two (Air Force): Post 2 calling Position 3. Two messages for General Pinochet from General Leigh. This is General Martínez. First: study possibility of occupying Radio Magallanes studios. It is still transmitting.

Post Three (Military Academy): Yeah, yeah, QSL, General. General Leigh to General Pinochet: study possibility of occupying radio Magallanes because it's still transmitting. Give me your roger if that's right.

Pinochet: Very well, I copy, I copy. I'll give the order.

Post Three: Perfect. Did you copy that, Post One? Did you copy Post Three?

Post One: Post One. General Pinochet received a communication from General Leigh.

Post Three: Great. There's another communication. So I'll ask Post Two to retransmit it to me right quick. Go ahead, Post Two, for the second communication. The first was already received by General Pinochet. Go ahead, over...

Post Two: Second communication from Post Two to Post Three. It is urgently necessary to broadcast a proclamation of the Junta of Commanders in Chief. Uh, tell me if you copy so I can continue.

Post Three: (Assistant reads notes in background: "urgently necessary to broadcast proclamation Commanders in Chief) Post Two, Post Three here. Necessary to broadcast proclamation Commander in Chief. It's urgent. Give me your roger if that's right...

post Two: Understood and correct. Junta of Commanders in Chief.

Post Three:: Ah! (garbled)

Post Two: ...needs to say, two points. Essentially, reiterate absolute unity Armed Forces and National Police. Tell me if you copy...

Post Three: Yeah, perfect. Reiterate absolute unity Armed Forces and National Police. That's the reference. Give me your roger.

Post Two: It continues. They will fight to the end to overthrow the Marxist government. Tell me if you copy.

Post Three: Yeah...the majority...

Post Two: Indicate if you understand.

Post Three: Majority of workers and civilian population support this military movement. Give me your roger.

Post Two: Very well. I continue. Urge the entire civilian population to stay in their homes and workplaces. Not to go into the streets. Indicate that you understand and that would conclude the proclamation...

Post Three: QRX...(amongst themselves) Huh?...the population should their houses and workplaces....urge...Urge the civilian population to stay in their homes and workplaces. Give me your roger.

Post Two: Very well. Urge the population to remain in their homes or workplaces. Not to go out into the streets. That is all. Indicate compliance.

Post Three: Yeah, great..uh...(assistant: "urge") them not to go out into the street. We copy. I'll pass it on to Post One. Who's signing this? General Leigh?

Post Two: General Leigh.

Post Three: Great...

Post Two:Over.

Post Three: Over...let's see, Post One, did you copy Post Three?

Post One: Post Three, please repeat. Repeat General Leigh's transmission. We're listening...

Post Three: Yeah, great. General Leigh says the following. Need to issue proclamation Junta of Commanders in Chief. Give me your roger up to there...

General Pinochet: And Director of National Police...Understood, understood?...

Post Three: Yeah, great.

General Pinochet: One more thing...

Post Three: Yes, go ahead...

General Pinochet: The following needs to go into the proclamation. Emphasise: the Armed Forces aren't against the people; they're against the famine that the Marxist government of señor Allende was causing....against the queues thatare all over...all over the streets in Santiago...

Post Three: Is that Pinochet?

General Pinochet: ...against the hunger, the poverty, the misery, the divisiveness that was being created by señor Allende... while he enjoyed himself and had parties and drinking at home...

Post Three: Yeah, let's see, Post One, do you copy Post Three?


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