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In an attempt to combine humor with absurdity the Fox network has come up with a train wreck of a sitcom. The premise is great, but the writing is horrible. If they got some new writers, like from "Malcom in the Middle" or "Titus", I would watch this show with a passion. The actors are great, but they don't have much room for acting. I like Dylan Baker, i just wish they would do more with his character. Oh and Lizzy Caplan is H O T!

So far only two pilots have aired:

  • Pilot Episode 101: 3/30/03
    In this first episode, the parents -Bob and Liz, hire a nanny to make sure their children (Faith and Petey) are safe. The family usually has a bad string of luck, so they hope this will at least ensure their children's safety. The nanny turn out to be psycho who is bent on destroying the family. She locks Liz and the kids up and tries to woo Bob. Soon Bob discovers whats going on and he unlocks his wife and kids from the trunk in the attic and the family then tries to disarm the nanny.
  • Pilot Episode 102: 4/06/03
    In this episode, Faith convinces her father to buy her a new car. Faith falls in love with her car, but the car then turns out be a haunted car (like Christine), obsessed with Faith. The car then locks Faith inside of it and takes off with her. The family then conducts a rescue attempt and after, Faith is safe. Everything is fine. For now.
  • Episode 107: 4/13/03
    This episode is probably the funniest one I've seen by far. Petie and Faith learn a lesson in responsibility when their parents turn into werewolves. At the beginning, the whole family goes on a walk for charity, but as they get off the path, Bob and Liz get seperated from the kids. In a dense fog Bob and Liz are attacked by something. Petie and Faith find them and they come home with a few bites, but seem normal. That night Bob and Liz turn into werewolves and terrorize the town. Soon, Petie and Faith learn what's going on and they devise a plan to keep them from wrecking more havoc. They trap Bob and Liz, but soon they escape and are caught by the authorities, so of course, Petie and Faith must rescue them. In the end, Bob and Liz stay werewolves, but now they're safe to eat a dead cow in the kitchen while Faith and Petie have parties every full moon.

Cast and Crew

Mike and Julie: Fire the Writers!


Update: The Pitts has been cancelled. Thank God.

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