A punk group that was around from 1977 to 1983. Sting played bass and sang, Andy Summers played guitar, and Stewart Copeland played drums. One of their most popular songs is Every Breath You Take, which was sampled in a tribute by Puff Daddy in his song I'll Be Missing You. Everything else they did is absolutely amazing, too.

The Police started out as punk but these days aren't remembered much by most people. They started out playing small clubs in Britain. As Sting started to write more of their songs, their sound gravitated towards a sound that incorporated reggae. They broke out with the song Roxanne, a very reggae influenced song. They became an 80's MTV band. They won a Grammy for their instrumental Behind My Camel. Their record sales allowed them to travel the world, which showed in their music. However, the rift between Sting and Stewart Copeland grew too great and they broke up. In 1986, they got together for a reunion tour. There has been rumours of another reunion but they have been squelched.

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